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How Often to Change ATV Oil

Whether you own a brand-new ATV or a pre-owned model it’s important to keep up with routine services like oil changes. Curious about how often to change ATV oil? After 25 hours (or one month) of use, is when your first oil change should occur. From there, the ATV oil change interval is as follows: 100 hours, six months, or 1,000 miles. Keep in mind that this is a general guideline, and you should always consult your owner’s manual to find the ATV oil change for your specific model. Read on as we cover the signs that your ATV is in need of an oil change. Then, schedule a service appointment at our service center near Springfield when your ATV is due for an oil change! 

Why is the ATV Oil Change Interval Every 1,000 miles?

If you drive a car throughout Cottage Grove, then you know that your automobile requires an oil change between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. Now, why is the oil change interval so much shorter? This is because ATVs work much harder than the average car. When you take your ATV off-roading or mudding, you’re putting a lot of strain on the engine and this causes the engine’s oil to lose its effectiveness quicker. Considering that motor oil lubricates the engine’s moving components when it loses its viscosity, it can cause serious damage to the engine.

How to Know When Your ATV Needs an Oil Change

Now that you know how often to change your ATV oil, there are some signs that you should keep an eye out for that will also tell you when your ATV needs oil service. Here’s how to know when your ATV needs an oil change:

  • No change in color: Your ATV’s oil will darken over time as it traps contaminants and dirt–this is what it’s made to do! However, if your oil looks the same as it did when you first got an oil change, which is usually a gold color, you might want to change it.
  • Oil has a gritty texture: Sometimes, small engine particles can get into the oil which will give it a gritty texture. When you check your ATV’s oil level, rub some of the oil between your fingers and if it feels gritty, you’ll likely need an oil change.
  • The engine is making loud noises: As you use your ATV, the engine oil will age and start to thin out, resulting in the engine’s parts rubbing together. If you ever hear a sound that resembles knocking when the engine is running, it’s time for an oil change.
  • ATV shakes when idling: If you notice that your ATV has weird vibrations, this could be a sign that you’re due for an oil change. Plus, when ATVs need oil change service, you’ll find that their performance will start to get poor.
  • Low oil Level: In between the regular ATV oil change interval, you may need to add a little bit of oil here and there. If your reservoir shows that the oil level is below the minimum requirement, you need to get an oil change ASAP.
  • Ticking noise when your ATV Starts: Oil that’s dirty or gritty can cause the engine to make a ticking noise when you start the ATV.

Schedule Your Next ATV Oil Change at Trak Powersports

If you notice your ATV exhibiting any of the aforementioned signs, it’s time for an oil change! Bring your ATV to the Trak Powersports service center near Creswell, and our certified technicians will change its oil as well as inspect for anything other issues. We’re dedicated to keeping your ATV in prime condition!

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