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Side X Side Buying Guide

When you’re tackling the road less traveled, you need a vehicle that’s well-equipped to handle your adventures. If you’re in the market for an off-roading vehicle, you’ll come across several options, from ATVs to side-by-sides. However, which type of vehicle is best for your excursions? Ultimately, if you want an off-roading vehicle that allows you to bring a close friend along for the ride, provides better safety, and is more finely engineered to traverse rugged terrain, a side-by-side is your best option.

Keep reading our side-by-side buying guide as we delve into why this type of off-roading vehicle may be suited for your rides on Oregon’s many trails. Then, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call

Why Buy an Off-Road Vehicle?

Before we discuss why a side-by-side may be a preferable option to an ATV, let’s go over why Cottage Grove drivers purchase off-road vehicles in the first place. If your everyday pickup or SUV doesn’t have off-roading capabilities, you’re likely to consider a vehicle that’s specially designed to travel over different kinds of terrain. Plus, when you opt for a side-by-side over an ATV, the driving experience won’t be too drastic of a difference since side-by-sides have a steering wheel, gas, and brake pedals. 

Why Buy a Side x Side?

Springfield-area shoppers may have a hard time deciding between a side-by-side vs. ATV. So, why should you buy a side-by-side? Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose a side-by-side: 

  • Versatility: While side-by-sides are frequently associated with recreational activities, they can also be used for everyday purposes. These vehicles are often used in industries like farming, landscaping, and construction because you can tow with them, haul more cargo thanks to the heavier payload capacity, and much more. 
  • Features: If you purchase a side-x-side, you’ll have access to more performance and utility features like cargo racks and LED lighting.
  • Size: A side-by-side gets its name from the fact that you can ride with a passenger–which you cannot do with an ATV. In fact, there are some side-by-side models that can seat up to six passengers! 
  • Safety: Side-by-sides tend to be much safer to drive than ATVs, and they come with seatbelts for passengers to wear. However, whenever you’re driving an off-roading vehicle, it’s important to take extra precautions like wearing goggles, a helmet, a full face mask, long pants, long sleeves, and boots.

Learn More About Off-Roading Vehicles with Trak Powersports

Now that you’ve read our side-by-side buying guide, check out more of our powersports buying tips to learn how powersports financing works. Our finance team will help you find the right side-by-side for your budget and Creswell lifestyle! 

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