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How Much is a Motorcycle Oil Change?

While you may know how often to change your motorcycle oil, you may be wondering: How much is a motorcycle oil change? While there are a few factors that can influence the overall price of your oil change, the average motorcycle oil change price ranges from $40 to $70 dollars. This can depend on your make and model of bike, what oil your motorcycle uses, and where you get your oil changed.

At Trak Powersports, our service team is committed to getting you back on Springfield roads as soon as possible. Learn all about what factors will affect your motorcycle oil change price the most and why you can trust Trak Powersports with all your motorcycle or dirt bike oil change needs.

Factors that Impact Your Motorcycle Oil Change Price

Your oil change price is based on two main factors: labor costs and oil prices. Oil prices are the ones most likely to affect your overall motorcycle or dirt bike oil change price when going in for service. Depending on the type of oil your motorcycle uses, you could be paying the lower end of that $40 or upwards of $70. Here are the types of oil, their average price, and how long they typically last:

  • Fully Synthetic: This type of oil is one of the most recommended for all types of bikes. It protects your engine, lasts longer than other oils, and provides a smooth ride. As such, it tends to be on the more expensive side averaging around $16 per quart. 
  • Semi-Synthetic: A mix between fully synthetic and mineral oil, semi-synthetic offers a mid-tier price range while still giving some of the benefits of synthetic oil. While it doesn’t last as long or perform as well as synthetic, it’s a decent choice for budget-minded shoppers at around $11 a quart.
  • Mineral: Good for older bikes, mineral oil doesn’t last nearly as long as any type of synthetic oil and provides less lubrication, and is not recommended for recent model years. That said, it is affordable at about $8 to $9 a quart.
  • Castor: Not a common choice, castor oil is used to maximize racing performance and protects your engine at about the same level as fully synthetic oil. It’s a bit harder to find and costs around $9 a quart.
  • High-Performance: A premium kind of oil, usually formulated by brands to maximize the performance of their makes and models of bikes, this oil is some of the best you can buy for your motorcycle. It clocks in around $15 per quart.

While it may be tempting to choose the oil that seems to save you money, be sure to check your owner’s manual for the type of oil your manufacturer recommends. Using any other type of oil in your engine may lower the performance of your bike.

Why Choose Trak Powersports for Your Oil Change?

While you may be able to change your motorcycle oil yourself, when you trust Trak Powersports to service your motorcycle, you take advantage of our expert service technicians and all their knowledge in looking over your bike. We’ll have your manufacturer-recommended oil on hand, and can perform routine checks to make sure you’re safe on the Cottage Grove roads! Other benefits of using our service center include: 

Get Your Motorcycle Serviced at Trak Powersports!

Is it time for your bike to get an oil change? Now that you know how much a motorcycle oil change costs, come down to Trak Powersports, only a short way from Creswell, and let our qualified technicians service your motorcycle or dirt bike. We’ll get you back and riding around Eugene in no time!

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